Experience and technology combined together to ensure the animal’s welfare and results for the stable

The Lupetta project was born for the research of an innovative feeding method that guarantees the wellbeing and a constant growth of the calf. Lupetta guides the operator through the ideal feed curve of the animal, this adaptive system reduces waste and guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of the supply during the whole day.

Supply temperature, quantity supplied for every meal and time interval between meals are among the settings that are adjustable by the user and recorded by the machine for the purpose of checking the quality of the operator’s work.

Meals delay, suction speed and daily leftovers are the main factors analyzed by the device to personalize the meal plan.

What are the characteristics that make Lupetta unique and innovative?

Meal splitting:

Using the traditional methods, the calf is supplied 1 meal for every load, typically up to a maximum of 2 meals per day. Lupetta is able to split up to 6 meals a day with a single load, which is close to the natural threshold of 12 small meals.

Keeping the milk at the temperature set by the user:

The milk temperature can be freely set by the operator between 33 and 39°C. Lupetta deals with keeping it constant, keeping the solution in suspension and supplying the product only at the temperature intended. This accuracy, combined with the splitting of the daily quantity in frequent meals, ensures a greater enzyme concentration in the abomasum, drastically reducing the malassimilation syndrome.

Constant settings monitoring:

The Lupetta display cyclically shows the liquid temperature, the quantity of product left inside and the number of meals supplied. The electronic board also monitors, more than once every second, the efficiency of the system, showing an error code in case of failure.

Time schedule and internal memory:

The Lupetta management menu enables to select the most suitable weaning curve among those available and depending on the choice, it guides the operator through the daily refill of the product. The time schedule and the memory allow to keep the selected profile even in case of power outage

Washing program:

The automatic washing function, once hot water and the specific cleanser are loaded, recycles the solution for a predetermined amount of time, and then discharges it automatically at the end of the cycle.

The Lupetta functioning is guaranteed by a proprietary algorithm called “SMART FEEDING SYSTEM”. This system is able to modulate automatically the feed curve of the calf depending on the food habits recorded.

Experience and support:

The Lupetta project was born from the experience of a team composed of engineers, vets and sector technicians with more than 30 years of field work. Skilled and qualified professionals are always available to give their full support to those who choose the Lupetta individual calf feeder.